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How to make copper clay



Copper Clay Suppliers

Copper clay is very new and seems to be only available in US, Australia and New Zealand at the moment. Copper Clay comes in 100gm packs.

Both Copper and Bronze clay comes in powder form.

Metal Adventures, the company who brought you BronzClay, will be bringing out a copper clay version.

 Watch this video clip for more info:


Here are the links where you can buy copper clay in powder form:

The Eclectic Studio – Australia

Hadar Jacobson – US (soon to bring out copper clay in Canada)

 Check out these links for more info:


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Precious Metal Clay findings suppliers


  Metal Clay Findings LLC was formed to provide .999 fine silver findings to the Metal Clay community including users of both PMC® and ArtClay®.Our entire product line is made in the U.S.A.


 Argentice has been supplying PMC and associated tools to metal clay artists since January 2005 and is one of the oldest Precious Metal Clay suppliers in the UK.

 International Distributors:

 Australia & New Zealand

The Eclectic Studio  

Belgium, Netherlands, & Luxembourg

Gardym Creatief  











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How to use Precious Metal Clay

Learn to use Metal Clay, FREE, online!


by Elaine Luther

This is your guide to learning to create with Precious Metal Clay online, 100% for free. I’ve searched the web for the best of free videos and how-tos, and even more importantly, I’m presenting them to you here in a logical order.

The internet is full of free information, but when you’re a beginner, how do you know how to harness that information?

I was inspired to create this tutorial by the concept of a web quest, a teaching tool.

According to, “a WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web.”

In this web adventure, I present excellent resources on beginning to work with metal clay, in a logical order. Let’s get started!

Tools You Need

Supplies for Beginning Working with Metal Clay

Top Ten Tools for Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay, Getting Started and Beyond

How to Work the Clay

Videos from Art Jewelry Magazine: MUST BE A REGISTERED USER, registration is free
Metal Clay

Repairing a Break In Metal Clay

Making Metal Clay Paste

Texturing Metal Clay

More on textures

Rolling & Cutting Metal Clay

Liver of Sulfur Patina

Making Lavender-Oil Paste For Metal Clay

Firing Metal Clay with a Handheld Butane Torch

Getting Started with PMC pdf, PMC

Video Clips

Rolling Coils

Choosing Combustible Cores

Relatively Simple First Project:

Rehydrating Dryish Clay

Reconstituting Metal Clay

Add gold foil using Keum boo

Stone setting

Overview of choices

Using tabbed bezel wire from Metal Clay Findings

Embed prong setting, fire in place, set stone after firing

(free pdf project at Art Jewelry)

Setting Stone using a recessed bezel cup

Stone setting using a plaster plug and making your own fine silver bezel wire (can be made to fit any cabochon stone)

How to Torch Fire
Video Clips:

Video, how to torch fire MUST BE A REGISTERED USER

Which Torch is Best

How To Kiln Fire

How to Tumble-polish

How to add Liver of Sulphur

How to add Liver of Sulphur without dipping

Liver of Sulfur Patina

Iridescent Patina
by Katherine Palochak

Additional skills to use with metal clay:

Make your polymer clay texture plates

Make your own photopolymer plates

Video by Tonya Davidson:

Dry Metal Clay? It Could Be Your Hands (and what to do about it)

What else? Have I missed any essential skill? A great tutorial that you know about? Tell me, and the world, by posting a comment below, and feel free to post the url of the great tutorial you recommend. Thanks!

Learn to use Metal Clay, FREE, online! by Elaine Luther is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at



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How to make jewellery with precious metal clay


 Click on the link below for an introduction to metal clay jewellery 7 week email course(a lesson a week). It contains basic information on metal clay types as well as resources and projects.

art-clay-silver.jpg      art-clay-gold.jpg    

The following are useful links on various types and suppliers of pmc.

Below is a handy 8 page pdf link on how to work with precious metal clay

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