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ByHand artisan handmade community








ByHand is a free artisan co-op for those who make handmade and those who buy handmade.

The site includes:

  • Artisan Directory
  • Forums
  • Member Blogs
  • Social Networking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Handmade Wishlists – Community

Artisan Directory – Jewelry


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beadspaceThis great social networking site includes a bead store directory, groups, quizzes, gallery, auctions, e-store and more: bsp

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Starving jewelry artists Network


Starving Artists is dedicated to giving jewelry designers a place to learn, grow, inspire and be inspired in a friendly, fun environment. Formerly known as CageyCrafters.


Starving Jewelry Artists Home Page

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HandsOnHeaven: Social networking for artisans


Welcome to Hands On Heaven. Join us by starting your own profile where you can network to promote your business, find talented artists, designers and craftspeople that offer incredbly creative “handmade” items/artwork or just visit with friends. Upload videos, music, photos, post to your blog. Join or start a group, or come to the discussion forum to chat…join to discover the many other features of this site. Have fun surfing and let us know if you need any help figuring things out! This network was formerly know as Hob-Nobbin.

If you need help be sure to check out the group “Hands On Heaven Help and News“. Don’t miss the FAQ’s section, it may help you answer some common questions.


 Hands-On Heaven – A utopia for hands-on creations.

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JewelryGeeks: Social networking & learning for jewelry makers

Jewelrygeeks is a social portal created to give people who are interested in learning various techniques of jewelry making, a place to network with many artisans of all skill levels and backgrounds.
Jewelrygeeks – The Best Jewelry Community on the Internet!



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Beadhuddle beading community officially launched on September 30, 2008.



Until November 15, 2008, everyone who joins will automatically be upgraded to “Gold Membership” level. Gold Members have access to features not available to “Free” members, such as the ability to post unlimited events and classifieds and many other great features that we are currently developing.

What do you have to do to become a “Gold Member”?

Well … nothing, except tell all your friends to join straight away so they can get the FREE upgrade too (you can use our “invite” tool, or send out your own emails)!

In a couple of days you’ll be automatically upgraded to “Gold” for life, at no cost. After November 15, everyone who joins will need to pay $29.95, or generate 250 activity points in order to upgrade to Gold. is a new social networking site aimed especially at people who love beading. It was founded by an Australian home-based online publishing company that put out an e-book about beading, “The Complete Bead Guide” in 2005. members can set up their own profile pages, post photos of their latest beading creations and designs, upload and share ‘how to’ beading videos, chat online, write articles and blogs about beading and beadworking, ask questions, share tips and participate in forum discussions and polls, post comments and rate other member’s contributions, take part in quizzes, post events and announcements about beading fairs, markets and shows in their local area, and so much more. Members even have an opportunity to run classified ads and buy and sell items using e-bay style auctions that are displayed throughout the entire web site.

Although the site is fairly new, the word is already spreading among the beading community. Given the fact that most of its members are not advanced internet users, the developers were careful to ensure that the site is easy to navigate and explore.

As members join and add more content to the site, is tipped to become the “must-go-to” online destination for the online beading community.

 Join - The Web's Most Exciting Online Beading Community!

Join – Online Beading Community

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