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How to sell your jewellery online

Here’s a list of jewellery selling sites that I have come across, eBay is popular but Etsy seems to be a firm favourite with many people, there are also a few other jewellery selling websites you can join that have their advantages/disadvantages, some are USA ,UK, Europe orientated. Fees

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View fees for:

·         Auction format: Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees

·         Buy It Now format: Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees

·         Seller discounts

·         Optional feature fees


Etsy Fees & Billing

How do Etsy fees work?
When you list an item there is a $0.20 (USD) fee per quantity of one. This covers an item listing period of four months. For example, if I list a scarf (and there’s only 1 in stock) it’ll cost 20 cents for 4 months. If you gave the listing a quantity of 3, it would cost 60 cents. When an item sells, there’s a 3.5% fee on the final sale price (not including shipping). All fees are in US dollars. All listings are created equal, with 5 images included in the price.

Dawanda Service Fees
Setting up a user and seller account is free. Creating your shop on DaWanda is free as well.
Free Services
Creating your account, profile and shop, and participating on the site and interaction with others is free.
When you sell an item we will charge you 5% commission on the sales price of the item sold. We do not charge any fees on the shipping costs.
Listing Fees
Listing your items is currently free as well but we are planning to introduce a small listing fee per item in the future. We have not decided upon the date yet – we are planning to introduce such fees once DaWanda has reached a certain size and number of buyers. In any case, we will not charge listing fees before January 1st 2009.
The intention behind listing fees is to assure quality on the site, and guarantee commitment of DaWanda sellers. We have also not yet decided about the amount per item listed but we are definetely aiming for a very low and competitive rate. We guarantee that we will inform you about such fees at least 4 weeks in advance and that you can decide wether you are willing to pay such fees or not. You can thus test DaWanda without any risk until at least January 01, 2009.
Dawanda does require your bank account details if you are a EU resident!



How much does it cost to use Folksy?

Folksy is a UK based site with prices in Pounds sterling

It costs 20p to list an item on Folksy and we charge 5% commission on all sales (this is taken from the list price and is not charged on postage to). If you don’t sell an item you are only charged for the listing fee. All costs are currently charged in UK Pounds Sterling. The reason we charge 20p to list is mainly to reduce ‘product spam’ on the site. 5% commission on sales reflects what we perceive to be the value we can offer to users in terms of marketing their work to a wider audience through the site, our brand partners and through workshops and events.

NOTICE During the beta registered users will not be charged commission on any sales [although you will still be charged 20p to list an item]. This reflects our appreciation of their taking part in what is essentially a ‘test’ period.



The basic listing is 100% free. The free listing includes so many great features…
• Gallery Picture
• Buy Me Option
• Make an Offer Option
• Subtitle
• Digital Downloads
• Schedule Listing
• Up to 30 Day Listings
• Auto-Relist Option
• Second Category
• Submitted to GoogleBase
Listings can be set to run between one week and one month. At the end of the listing, you may relist it from your sellers area or set auto-relisting in the selling form. It’s free!


Only when your item sells on WinkElf are you charged a small selling-only fee of 2.5% of the selling price (or a minimum of $0.25)… Be it a Buy Me price or a Make an Offer price.
Featured store owners benefit from no selling-only fees.No matter what the selling price.

Click here to Join

I hope you find the info useful and will be posting more details of selling your jewellery online soon.

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